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    This crypto mining rig can fit almost any AMD or Nvidia graphic card. Mainly Nvidia 3000/4000 series and AMD 6000 series graphic cards. The mining rig motherboard features 8 x PCIe slots Gen 2.0 that can be used with any GPU thinner than 2.5". It is also equipped with 2 USB slots, 1 Ethernet port, a VGA display, a power reset switch, and 3 powerful mining fans at the front for optimal airflow. This mining rig frame is built to be reliable. It is built for any miners from beginners to advanced and can also be used from small to large crypto mining sites. This GPU mining rig can also be used at home but there are things to consider like heat and noise. Due to the High Power of the power supply and GPUs, mining rig fan with a large air volume is installed for heat dissipation which produces noise that may not be suitable to hear all the time. It is recommended to keep its distance so the noise would not disturb daily life.


    **It is recommended to use Ethernet Cable. To use USB WIFI Dongle make sure your OS Supports**


    **No GPUs Included**


    ##Shipping is available all over North America.


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    Motherboard - Supports upto 8 GPUs (PCIE GEN 4.0 || Supports RTX 3060 & RTX 3060ti Full Hashrate)

    CPU - Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU G1840 @2.80GHz

    Ram - DDR3 4GB

    Storage - 64GB mSata SSD

    Power Supply - LX2000W (Input 110V = MAX Output 1500W || Input 220V = MAX Output 2000W)

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