1. How do you ship your products?
    - We use Canada Post for most of our products. For bulk orders other arrangements can be made.

    2. What GPUs are supported?
    - Any GPU less than 12” in Length and 2” in Width.

    3. How do you connect the power supply?
    - The Power supply is connected directly to the motherboard. The processing unit of the Spiderminer is powered through its own PCIE express. The GPUs are powered through the wires inside the miner.

    4. What OS can I run on this rig?
    - The Spiderminer comes equipped with 60GB of M.2 Sata storage. You can run any OS on this miner.

    5. Do you accept Returns?
    - Yes, we have a 14 day return policy. Buyer is responsible for paying all shipping costs. Returns only allowed for defective products.

    6. Do you have a warranty on your products?
    - Yes, we have a 90 day warranty on all our products. If anything breaks we will send you a replacement unit. The warranty only applies to the Spideminer itself and not the power supply.

    7. How much power does the Spiderminer draw?
    - The Spiderminer only draws 120W excluding the GPUs. The power draw on the GPUs vary. For example, Gtx1060/1070 draws around 100W while Rx480/580 draw around 150W.

    8. Can I use other power supplies with the Spiderminer?
    - Yes, you can use any power supply.

    9. What type of power pin does my GPU need to have?
    - 6 or 8 Pin connectors.

    10. Are you guys based out of Canada?
    Yes, We are we are based out of Mississauga, Ontario. We have miners in operation in Ontario, Manitoba and Quebec.